Q: What is Permanent Make-up?

A: A dream come true! No need to be nervous. Permanent Make-up is a safe, virtually painless and hugely popular procedure known technically as Micropigmentation. Sometimes referred to as Long-lasting Make-up or Cosmetic Tattooing. Unlike traditional tattoos, Micropigmentation is the feminine gentle way to softly enhance the two most important features of every women’s face – The Eyes and Brows! Giving you confidence you never dreamed off. We can teach you how to love your Brows again. Say goodbye to uneven Brows and Smudged Eyeliner. Imagine looking your best, all day, everyday!

Q: Is it normal to be a little scared?

A: Definitely, that’s absolutely normal, perhaps it is the unknown. After meeting with us for a consultation you will feel differently. Please read the questions below and feel free to email any other concerns or questions.

Q: Does it look natural?

A: Absolutely! With the right pigments and volume of colour we can create something specific to suit you. When you come in for a consultation we can show you a range of different looks that you may like. Some clients prefer classical and simple elegance others may prefer stylish glamour.

Q: Will it hurt?

A: Clients often tell us compared to waxing or tweezing, their Micropigmentation treatments are a walk in the park! With the use of topical Anesthetic Creams and you will wonder what all the fuss was about. If you are finding the treatment uncomfortable, we are able to adjust the anesthetic accordingly. Don’t let the thought of pain stop you from getting gorgeous.

Q: What if I get a reaction?

A: Not all pigments or anesthetics are created equal. Quality really counts. A lot of our clients come because they are unable to wear normal make-up due to allergies and watery eyes. Our pigments are derived from minerals and manufactured under the strictest EU approved laboratory conditions. Sensitivity and allergies is something we will discuss during your consultation.

Q: Will there be any down time?

A: Most clients will experience some puffiness from the Eyeliner which may last up to 48 hours. The Brows may be a little too bold for a couple of days but can be softened with mineral powders and don’t require time away from work.

Q: How long is each appontment?

A: As the saying goes… all things worth doing, take time and effort. Please allow about 1 hours for each visit. Each session will always include time for consultation, the application of topical anesthetic, the all important procedure itself and aftercare. Time really flies when you are having fun! We will give you an after care sheet of a few do’s and don’ts.

Q: How long does it last?

A: The application of Permanent Make-up is referred to as „Permanent“ because it doesn’t wash off! It may last in the skin for several years, however like all Pigment it is designed to fade. (Similar to how your hair colour requires top-ups). Results will vary with every client. Imagine the benefits of being able to update and modernise your look as time passes.